TravelSked for 2010

Please uphold me in prayer for the following trips I will make for this year:

Jan. 26-28,  Central Mindanao District Council (CMDC) convention in Kalilangan, Bukidnon. CMDC is one of the 22 districts of the Assemblies of God in the Philippines.

Feb. 2 – 8, Dubai, U.A.E. for the organizing meeting of the Middle East Section of Global District Council (GDC).

April 20-22, Nabunturan, Compostela Valley for the Southeastern Mindanao District Council (SEMDC).

May 5-8, GS Rey Calusay and I will be together for a WAGF/Acts 1:8 meeting in London, England. WAGF stands for World Assemblies of God Fellowship.

May 19-20, Immanuel Bible College in Cebu City for school graduation and board meeting.

April 26-30, I should be in Singapore for the APTA accreditation visit

Aug. 17-19, APTA Theological Commission Symposium in KL, Malaysia; Asian Pentecostal Society

Aug. 22-27, Pentecostal World Conference/World Alliance for Pentecostal Theological Association in Stockholm.

September 11-22, Teach Theology 4 at Immanuel Bible College, Cebu City.

October 11-14, Puerto Princesa, Palawan to speak at Palawan District Council’s Missions Convention.

October 26-28, PGCAG Special General Council Convention, Cathedral of Praise, Manila


Life After . . .

Moved back to the big city in April 2009 and my life has changed in many ways. Of course I can enumerate reasons for my shift from a comfortable Baguio to a stressful Manila. Now I am slowly adjusting to a different world and lifestyle. But, I am now also free from many things that  had to do with some issues relating to campus life and its “realpolitik.”  Brought this up with their missions higher ups but they seem to have changed their missions philosophy since Melvin Hodges.

So now, instead of banging heads with smart alecks in academia (sometimes called as “academian nuts”), I get to learn to drive more like a real Manila driver who does not feel obligated to follow traffic rules all the time.  Additionally, I have to keep up with an unofficial opposition in the game of generals who actually is a true-blue megalomaniac in all respects.

But what’s the good part of being in Manila? Aaah, there are many . . .  more options for malls and recreation (acceptable ones of course!).  I don’t have to take a bus going to Baguio whenever I have international trips. I can watch fireworks during x’mas and new year in my veranda.  Will find out the others soon 🙂