9 Tips from Edison

Found these tips from Guy Kawasaki’s (Apple Evangelist) twit which then led me to Laurel Delaney’s article “Get Your Innovation Groove Back: Tips from Thomas Edison.” So if you want to get those creative juices flowing back into your work, she’s suggesting the following:

  • Assess and maintain your current network. Go look at your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Surprised by the number of people in your networks? If you’re like Edison, you’re not. Edison would list his contacts in a special notebook. The intent was “to plan for regularly touching base to solidify relationships within a network.” In Edison’s communications, he focused on something that might interest or benefit the recipient.
  • Keep it personal. With email, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, it’s much easier to stay in touch with people worldwide. But do you want to hear from your spouse, partner or best friend via LinkedIn, especially when it’s your birthday? Edison felt there is no substitute for personal, face-to-face connections.
  • Now for the full article, go to Open Forum.