Pastor and Social Networking

Close up of a pole dancer's high heel shoeThis is quite intriguing!  Time News Feed has this story:

Facebook makes it a tad too easy for ‘friends’ to become friends with benefits, a New Jersey pastor claims.  That’s why he’s given his married staff an ultimatum: log-off, or lose your job.

Rev. Cedric Miller of New Jersey’s Living Word Christian Fellowship Church says the social networking site is, essentially, a gateway to licentious living.

“What happens is someone from yesterday surfaces, it leads to conversations and there have been physical meet-ups. The temptation is just too great,” he tells the Associated Press.

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My thoughts?  The pastor has the right to demand this from his church staff when they’re at work but to completely stop them on their private time is taking it too far. Social networking sites such as FB, to a certain extent may even reveal the level of maturity of its adherents. Social networking behavior can provide good material for intentional discipleship and perhaps sermon illustrations. Conversely, at the recent gathering of  Catholics in the US, the bishops were urged “to embrace social media to evangelize effectively.” Now this is perhaps more proactive than mere reactive to paradigm shifts in our culture. A comment made by Derek Dominguez regarding this article is noteworthy:

New/Social Media isn’t going away and it’s encouraging to see this article and the church recognizing its significance. As both someone who has been in the pastoral ministry for years now and someone who works in the realm of social media this was a fascinating read and intriguing. Many of the articles points are spot on.The church as a whole needs to know how to interact and leverage SM. Leaders as well need to be interacting with it as those in the pews surely are and will be, especially young people.

Read the full report:


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